It Started With A Smokey Eye

10 Jul

The first fashion shoot I ever shot.  I had coordinated all the outfits and had designed the earings, make-up, and hair all by myself.  I’m quite happy with the way the pictures turned out.  Special thanks to my beautiful model Katie.  I couldn’t have done it without her. 






18 Apr

As most of you have seen Zebra print is everywhere.  Zebra print blankets, shirts, pants, leggings, socks, headbands, cases, etc.  Wherever you go you are bound to see zebra print.  But that brings us to what zebra print is in for the spring/summer 2011 season. 

Unethical, unreasonable, unbelievably expensive Zebra print option from Jimmy Choo for $1295.

Here are some ethical comparable zebra print options:

You can have something similar that WON’T drain your wallet.  For only $9.99 (Or you could purchase two gallons of gas and emit bad carbons into the atmosphere, but why would you when you could definitely get more wear out of these adorable stilettos?)

Neiman Marcus trys to drain your bank account with this dress at $395.

Instead you could go for this dress with is only $37. 

Some other cute Zebra print options:

On a final note… You can always add zebra accesories to a plain colored outfit or dress..  However don’t get TOO zebra crazy from head to toe.  Instead of looking fashionable.  You’ll look tacky.